What is the type of play equipment? (1)Playground equipment is outdoor structures designed for the entertainment of children. Playground equipment can help children develop multiple skills such as learning, problem-solving, and creativity.

Different types of play equipment are available:

Unoccupied play equipment

This is the most initial type of play equipment that is given to infants and this is only given for fun and no other reason. They keep themselves busy watching and touching the hanging item. A mat is attached to the hanging toys, baby lay on the clean mat and plays with the toys. This time baby usually observes different things around him.

Solitary play equipment

These equivalents are suggested to three months and older. They can do different things by themselves. They can play with this equipment alone at home or around other children. They also observe others playing with them. Solitary play equipment includes BENT OLD FORT, CEDAR RIDGE, and BROOKE-SIDE LANDING.

Onlooker play equipment

This type of play equipment is usually introduced among toddlers. This equipment gives toddlers a chance to observe other children and play with them. Kids can learn different language skills and interact with other children. This is the first most beneficial play equipment that helps children develop new skills while observing others.

Parallel play equipment

These play equipment are designed for kids from 18 months to 2 years in which children play with other kids and learn mimicry observing each other. They usually mimic the behaviour of children around them. This learning can help children to enhance empathy and they also learn how to share toys and snacks with other kids.

MISSION RIDGE and PUEBLO CLIFFS are parallel equipment that provides an imaginative environment to children and enhances other skills in children.

Associative play equipment

Children of three to four years are at the peak stage of playing. At this stage, you can shift your child to associate play equipment rather than parallel or onlooker so they can begin to interact with other kids around them.

With associate play equipment, you can create a social life for your child. At this age, children usually don’t play with other kids and keep themselves reserved most of the time. You can develop communication skills in them with this equipment so they can verbally interact and ask their needs.

You should also guide

Rules and regulations to your children and teach them what is wrong and what is right for them. Ask them to share good things with other kids. Turn-taking skills can be reached to children with a play-set such as ROCKY POINT that includes double slides. SILVER PLUME and WRIGHT PLAINS are recommended for children from three to four years to encourage interaction between them.

Physical play equipment:

Physical Activity is much needed in growing children that help them to grow faster and actively. It keeps a child moving from jumping to running and skipping which is the demand of physical activity at this stage.

Playgrounds are the safest place to encourage such activities. It also provides confidence and coordination when children go out for playing with other kids. They can use SPIRAL CLIMBER and go round and round on the TRAIL RODGE. HORIZONTAL LADDER also known as monkey bars is utilized in the playgrounds for physical activities.

Constructive play equipment:

When children grow older than four years they like to build and create different things. They dig in the sand and construct buildings and houses on the beaches. This helps children to discover new things and enhance problem-solving skills. GEM HILL EQUIPMENT is recommended to children to discover new patterns. One more outdoor play-set known as BROOKSIDE LANDING is used to identify multi-coloured patterns on the climber.

Expressive play equipment:

At this stage of playing, children begin to explore different emotions and feelings and learn to express them by doing art, music, and games. Commercial playgrounds have different play equipment that includes DRUMS and BONGOS that help them to encourage them to express emotions with music.

Dramatic play equipment:

This type of play equipment is used to imagine and create fantasies during play. Children don’t develop language skills through watching but they develop through dramatic plays. They learn new words during the play. They use their skills like problem-solving and communication and apply them in creating different fantasies.

Playtime is very important for children as it allows them to develop different cognitive and intellectual abilities. They also get strong with emotional and physical needs. Outdoor playgrounds are the heart of all these play equipment.

Top-rated manufacturers/brands of playground equipment (2)

Here are the top valued manufacturers of playground equipment 2021:

  1. Play craft systems:
  • It is one of the most leading manufacturers of playground equipment
  • They are specialized in designing fun and innovative playground equipment for outdoors
  • They are operating for twenty-five years
  • They pay dedicated attention to small details
  • They are focused on developing new designs to meet markets demand.
  • They provide customized playground equipment for schools
  1. Game Time
  • They are producing different equipment for schools, parks, themed parks, amenities, and fitness centers.
  • They conduct long term research to identify equipment with abilities
  • This company is known for its originality, creativity an, and innovation.
  • Their innovation usually results in long-lasting engagement for kids.
  • They produce the safest playground equipment across the market
  1. Eibe play Limited
  • They are producing playground equipment for more than five centuries
  • They produce imaginative and thought-provoking playground equipment for children.
  • It is the most respected brand across the globe
  • They manufacture high-quality playground equipment commercial parks and playgrounds.
  • Their goal is to provide equipment with physical activity with fun for teenagers
  • They produce playground equipment as per current standards.
  1. Timber play
  • This company is known for producing equipment with a wow factor
  • They provide play structures for outdoor spaces
  • They are expert for manufacturing equipment that provides knowledge and learning to kids.
  • This company is currently working in INDIA, UK and MIDDLE EAST.
  • They develop and enhance understanding in children with their unique play structures.
  • They sharpen social, physical, and mental skills in children


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