An email service provider (ESP) is referred to as a company that provides businesses email marketing or other email services. More particularly, it provides a platform to send a large number of emails to multiple users. (1)


An email service provider is a company that allows a user to create multiple emails and then sends them to more than one user at a time. The reason for utilizing an email service provider is to manage lists of subscribers, generate professional designs, stay within boundaries of legal compliance, and analyze the progress of the email marketing campaign.


The initial costs of using an email service provider are inexpensive or free. This means there is no great disadvantage. Some benefits are as follows:

  • Email deliverability

One of the great benefits of an ESP is it guards deliverability. If someone is going to send a large number of emails from his email client, then his activity will be tagged as suspicious and he will be imprinted as a spammer. After this tag, every single email coming from the web domain of his company will be blacklisted and impeded by major internet service providers (ISPs). ESPs send bulk emails without the risk of getting blocked. Sending email marketing campaigns has become easy and risk-free through ESPs.

  • Email regulation compliance

The legislation regulates email marketing. It is crucial to keep all email marketing-related efforts compliant with the CAN-SPAM act. For instance, an individual needs to have his subscribers’ permission to send them email campaigns. He has to mention his complete identifying information on the email he sends. An ESP makes it convenient for an individual to follow all these principles.

  • List management

Only those people should be kept in the email marketing list who have consented to get marketing-related messages. It is difficult to constantly upgrade the list and maintain list hygiene. But ESP makes it easier by doing heavy tasks automatically. It automatically upgrades the list when anyone subscribes or unsubscribes. It also controls “bounced mails”. Bounced emails are those emails that do not deliver due to dormant email addresses.

  • Customizable templates

Active emails have modern, clean, and visually-appealing designs. But to due to fewer budgets, one will not want to hire a separate professional to design graphics for every new mail. ESPs like constant contact and Mailchimp offers built-in templates. These professional templates are customizable with just a drag-and-drop option. One can add his company’s images, logos, and colors to the email. All templates are highly mobile responsive, which means one can see them on mobile as clearly as on the computer.

  • Personalization

Personalization elements are one of the key methods to interact with subscribers while sending a broadcast email. ESP helps in personalizing the email with the name of the subscriber. The name could be added in greetings, the body, or at the end of the mail. Moreover, ESP can also add some more personalization elements such as subscriber’s city, age group, marital status, particular financial interest, etc.

Top-rated email service providers (2)

  1. Gmail

It is one of the most widely-used and well-known email service providers. It is a part of the services provided by Google. Gmail is an appropriate selection, if an individual wants email with plenty of features and adores G-suite.


  • One can make a schedule of emails to send them at the appropriate time.
  • It allows snoozing emails to keep the track of them.
  • It allows customizing notifications.
  • With the help of Google drive, sending large attachments has become easy.
  • The Smart compose feature allows writing the email faster.
  • With the help of the reading pane feature, one can see email as well as inbox at the same time.
  • Modern search options are available to ease the use of Gmail.
  • Along with regular searching techniques, one can also find his email by the date.
  • Gmail provides good security. One can receive and send money via Gmail. Through “confidential mode” expiry timings of emails can be set.
  • Moreover, one can customize some features according to the need


Gmail provides free storage of up to 15GB. This storage is also used by Google Drive, Google Photos, and other Google tools.


It does not cost anything.


  1. Outlook

Outlook is the best option if a person is looking for a potent email service with plenty of features and integration capabilities with multiple business-friendly applications.

Its use is not easy as Gmail. Many huge enterprises use this provider for its task manager, Robust calendar, and some more customizable features.


  • One can create new tasks, contacts, meetings directly from the inbox without any external windows.
  • One can also assign and share tasks with his colleagues and can also share his calendar with others.
  • With the outlook, a person can create his own custom rules.
  • Emails can be scheduled to deliver at required times. Snoozing option is also available so a person does not forget to read the email.
  • Message alerts can also be set up by using outlook. One can also use categories and flags to manage emails and keep track of significant emails.
  • Outlook can easily be integrated with other Microsoft For instance, one can open any word file in outlook.
  • Sticky notes can be used as reminders. This is done by typing Ctrl+shift+N.
  • An auto-complete version of outlook such as quick parts saves time.
  • In mass emails, one can mention specific people to alert them.

Storage: outlook offers free storage for up to 15GB.


It is free of cost.


  1. Protonmail

For average users, protonmail is a good selection. Its features include:

  • It is popular for encrypted email services.
  • The free plan includes 150 messages/day, 3labels, and 1 email address
  • Sign-up does not require any personal information.
  • The ProtonMail Bridge allows a user to employit with several other email clients.
  • Sent messages are “self-destructed” after some time.
  • Encrypted emails can be sent to users who use any other ESP.



It offers both paid as well as non-paid plans.