An attorney is a professional who gives aid and legal advice to the client. He is responsible to represent his client in court. (1)

Different types of attorneys (2)

When a person looks for an attorney, his search is assuredly according to the legal need. A person hires an attorney according to his need whether he was charged with corruption, needs aid in developing an estate plan, or got injured in an accident. Every field of attorney deals with specific cases. According to these fields, there are many different types of attorneys. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Personal injury attorney

This type of attorney is involved in fighting for legal compensation for the one who got injured in an accident. A personal injury attorney is critically valuable for the injured victim and his/her family. In an accident case, both the victim and his family deserve and need compensation after the tragedy. A personal injury attorney uses facts and laws of the case to ascertain that all harms and injuries endured in an accident were due to the irresponsible behavior of the opposing party. In turn, the victim can get the compensation he deserves through a jury verdict or decent settlement offer. Injuries suffered in a car accident are the most familiar reasons for hiring a personal injury attorney. This attorney represents the case of the victim and helps him in getting the compensation. According to CDC data in 2015, above 92 million accidental injuries were reported in clinics. Most of those injuries were happened due to wrongdoing or negligence of people.


The salary of a personal injury attorney is $73000.

  1. Real estate attorney

A real estate attorney assists people in resolving property-related legal issues. Most of the people, who sell or purchase a home, depend upon the legal services provided by a real estate lawyer. In some states, a real estate attorney is essential to close real estate transactions. This need is widespread in Northeast states such as New Jersey and New York, Some of the southern regions such as Georgia and Mississippi also employ a real estate attorney at closing. A real estate attorney also does something beyond just resolving selling or purchasing issues like matters associated with sharing of assets, appraisal, and foreclosures. Simply we can say that if a person is having issues with residential and commercial real estate, then he must reach out to a real estate attorney. He will assist him to navigate the legal problems.


The salary of a real estate attorney is $118000.

  1. Bankruptcy attorney

A bankruptcy attorney assists companies or individuals to steer the intricacies of filing for bankruptcy. Federal law is responsible for governing the procedures and laws of bankruptcy because States themselves are not permitted to legislate bankruptcy matters. Without a bankruptcy attorney, it is difficult to prepare bankruptcy paperwork. With the help of this attorney, a debtor gets to know about the ideal chapter for filing for bankruptcy. Mainly, he must file under chapters 13, 11, and 7 of federal bankruptcy laws. Each chapter is associated with specific advantages, requirements, and drawbacks. A person can easily discharge his debts by taking help from an efficient bankruptcy attorney, who will represent and guide him through the process.


The salary of a bankruptcy attorney is $113000.

  1. Intellectual property lawyer

If an individual has a favorite videogame, author, developer, or film, then he will understand the significance of intellectual property attorney. This legal practice field assures that companies or individuals have legal safety for the ideas or products that they establish. Trademarks or popular logos such as McDonald’s “golden arches” are a key area of intellectual property law. Inventory and scientists require the assistance of a patent attorney who guards the rights of an inventor that are given by the federal government. Intellectual Property attorney also preserves the artistic and original work of an individual. Video games, films, novels, poems, and other productive endeavors all come under the roof of copyright law. An IP attorney will preserve these rights from people who may offend artistic invention, design, or creation.


The salary of an intellectual property attorney is $162000.

  1. General practice attorney

As the name indicates, a general practice attorney is a kind of “jack of all trades” attorney, which means that the attorney does not restrict his practice or law firm to a particular law area. For instance, a law firm that gives employment law, criminal defense, and family law representation is considered as the law firm of general practice. Such attorney is mostly seen at solo law firm. It would be unfair to think that a general practice attorney does not have the experience to deal with cases according to particular legal needs. General practice attorneys in smaller cities have huge experience in dealing with a variety of cases. Whether the selected attorney is right or not depends upon his experience level in the relevant field.


The salary of a general practice attorney is $118000.

  1. Contract attorney

When an individual enters or signs a contract, he encounters fundamental legal questions. Two parties can never make a successful legal contract without the help of a contract attorney. He deals with legal complexities like “considerations” that are essential for any legal binding of a contract. A contract attorney assists an individual to make sure that his contract is enacted, drafted, and negotiated legally. This is particularly useful for landlords and small businesses.


The salary of a contract attorney is $91000.


  1. Worker’s compensation attorney

A worker’s compensation attorney is the one who helps a person who got injured in a workplace or family members who have lost their dear ones in any calamity at the workplace. The attorney helps the victim to get the compensation he deserves. He also determines the legal mistake of the owner in a workplace injury. Moreover, the attorney protects the employee from false employer retaliation.


Such attorneys earn $72k.