Water damage restoration is an important procedure to recover an affected business or home. Several companies are providing their services to restore the building damage caused by water intrusion. (1)


Water damage restoration is a term that is used to portray the procedure of restoring water damage in a series of steps. It is also termed as flood cleanup, water mitigation, water extraction, water removal, and water remediation. These terms are used interchangeably but have some minor differences. These are as follows:

  • Water remediation

It is an equivalent term of water damage restoration. It includes the detailed procedure of water cleanup. Steps involved in this procedure are removal of water, drying of items and structures, and then shifting items back to their places.

  • Water removal

It is an act of water removal from areas damaged by water. A professional team uses specialized tools, for instance, truck mounts, high-velocity air movers, and commercial grade dehumidifiers.

  • Water extraction

It is another term for water removal. Specialized equipment is used to remove plenty of water.

  • Water mitigation

It refers to the procedure of reversing it preventing building damages caused by voluminous water. This term could be used to portray the process of water cleaning and water removal.

  • Flood cleanup

Floodwater is contaminated water that moves from outside to inside. People call for professional help to remove, sanitize, and dry the affected areas.

Tips to select the best water damage Restoration Company

Water damage is the most common issue for people who live in flood-prone areas. Such people must call for professional help instantly to avoid further damage. Searching for the best company for such services is not a big deal. Some of the questions are there that navigate an individual directly to the best company.

  1. One must ask for genuine referrals. For this purpose, he may ask about the company from customers, families, or friends. The reputation of the company in the market also plays a major role.
  2. 24/7 availability of the company must be checked as well. It is significant particularly in the case when a large area is affected by the water and the customer needs full-time services.
  3. A company must be checked for its latest techniques and tools. This factor is significant to ensure the smoothness of the process. Companies with modern tools and techniques help the customer get items restored rapidlyand with long-term vitality.
  4. The contractor’s certificate is vital to check the reliability of the company. The customer mostly ignores such things, but these are essential to select durable services.The certificate is proof that the company has trained and skilled staff to fix and manage the problem with the latest solutions.
  5. Before hiring a service, check the portfolio, online reviews, and reputation of the company. This helps in getting knowledge about the caliber of the water damage restoration company.

Best services of water damage restoration (2)

  1. PuroClean

It is considered the best overall company. It offers its services to property managers, commercial businesses, insurance companies, and homeowners of the United States and Canada. It is located in 280 plus areas. The services provided by this company include emergency water extraction, water removal, carpet restoration, odor and mold removal, and dehumidification. Its “PuroCleanQuickDry System” saves insurance claim costs up to 40%. Within 3 days it completely restores the damage to the property. The technicians check the entire property area to assess the unseen and visible damage. They use advanced technology like hygrometers and moisture detectors for a thorough cleanup of the area. The company provides 24/7 availability that connects the customer with the office in the location and dispatches the technician’s team as soon as possible.

  1. ServiceMaster Restore

This company provides its services to commercial and residential areas. Services include water removal, a thorough cleanup, drying of documents and contents, dehumidification and drying, and more. It can help a customer with several water damages such as pipe ruptures, basement floods, roof leaks, hurricanes, storms, sewage backups, water contamination, etc. The restoration team of this company tests the property to ensure all affected areas are dried completely. It has a “MasterMoment program” that ensures customer satisfaction andcollaboration between the customer service team, insurance provider, and the adjuster. The company’s team is 24/7 ready to deliver its services.

  1. Amerestore

It was established in 1989 and now is located in 24 states and Florida, Washington, DC, the Coast East, and the Gulf Coast region. The services of this company include water cleanup, water damage restoration, hurricane cleanup, storm cleanup, and more. Certified professionals of this company are available to provide 24/7 emergency services. Whether the affected areas are damaged by a building storm or flood, broken water pipe, this company is always ready to help customers with repairs and cleanup, extract all the standing water, dry, and dehumidify the property. All technicians of this company are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRG). These technicians follow the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines.

  1. BMS CAT

It was established in 1948. It started providing its water damage restoration duties a year later. Within the US it delivers its services to 34 locations. 24/7 emergency services are provided by this company. The team assesses the damage and repairs it. If the team considers necessary, it also quantifies the destruction, remove water, drys and sanitize the structure and belongings. If the office property gets damaged, then the team shifts all the office equipment to a secure place till the complete cleanup process.

  1. Delta restoration services

This restoration firm was founded in 2006. It delivers restoration, cleanup, and completereconstruction if required. 24/7 services are available. This company collaborates with major insurance companies to process the claim. The professional team of this company follows IICRG guidelines.


An average owner spends $1211-$5164 to repair and restore water damage.


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