Most of the people are upgrading their backyard by constructing a pool there. It is the ultimate area for enjoyment and relaxation.

Different styles of pools (1)

  1. Above ground pools

The above-ground pool is constructed on the ground surface. It is the most reasonable option among several styles of pools. This type of pool is sometimes surrounded by a patio or a deck. The sides of the above-ground pool are mainly constructed with resin, aluminum, or steel with vinyl liners. Walls with different patterns are also available. Assembling this type of pool is as easy as a DIY project. However, several companies are offering their services for the delivery and installation of the pool. Some types of above-ground pools are filled with a hose in the garden and can be stored when not in use. No filtration equipment is required to clean such pools.


  • In comparison to other styles, above-ground pools are reasonable and easier to install.
  • Some options are reconfigurable. So if a person is moving to a new place then he can take this pool along with him.
  • Several shapes and sizes that are appropriate for small yards are available
  • Such pools are easy to assemble and disassemble


  • Undoubtedly, these pools come in various sizes and shapes but their designs are limited
  • These are problematic to alter in a landscape
  • Their shelf life is lesser than in-ground pools. Vinyl liners are required to be replaced every 5 years
  1. In-ground pools

These types of pools are permanently constructed into the landscape. Several varieties of such pools are available such as vinyl liner pools, concrete pools, and fiberglass pools. Materials are selected for flexibility and strength. Vinyl liner in-ground pools are the most constructed ones.

  • Fiberglass inground pool

A manufacturer delivers this pool in a single piece. In comparison to the concrete pool, fiberglass pools are more flexible. This remains appropriate in earthquake-vulnerable areas. This type of pool is manufactured on-site and provides various design flexibility.

  • Concrete in-ground pool

On-site construction of this pool allows an owner to select the design, size, and shape of the pool according to his choice. Construction of such a pool proves costly. The concrete pool is decorated with several finishes including paint, plaster, and pebble Tec, etc.

  • Vinyl-liner pool

In this type of pool, panel walls are attached and placed on a concrete base. These walls wrap around the entire pool area.


  • An in-ground pool can be constructed to fit any size or shape of the yard.
  • Easy to build it in landscape
  • Several features and accessories come with this pool such as special lighting, water fountain, water games, slides, and diving boards


  • It is expensive to construct.
  • Construction time is long
  • Elders need to be more careful about kids and pets
  1. Infinity pools

Such pools are constructed to highlight the view of the house. It features more than one side with a vanishing-edge layout. It sits below the level of pool water. Water flows over the wall and the pool makes people think that water has no boundary. Due to its extreme level designing, it is expensive to build and maintain.

  1. Lap pools

A lap pool is a worthy investment if a person wants one for fitness purposes. This type of pool is designed particularly for swimming laps. It is narrow, long, and rectangular. It is appropriate for small yards because it covers less area. Most lap pools are a built-in 40 ft long straight area to avoid frequent turns while swimming. For one swimmer, the width of 8 ft would b enough.

  1. Swim spas

This type of pool is another good selection for fitness reasons. It is a hybrid of spa and pool. Built-in water jets in the swim spa allow a swimmer to swim against steady water flow. It is a great choice if a yard area is small because a swim spa can be as small as 12 ft. The water can be heated for spa purposes.

  1. Hot tubs and spas

Hot tubs and spas are the type of pools intended for hydrotherapy or relaxation purpose. The above-ground portable version is known as a hot tub, while the in-ground version that is attached to the in-ground pool is known as a home spa. Due to their smaller size, these are easy to install and maintain. However, compact sizes are their major drawbacks that impede their use.

Best companies of poolsand costs (2)

  1. Anthony &Sylvan

The national experience of this company is more than 37 years. It has served almost 370,000 families. It offers a variety of designs, customized addition, and structural warranty for a lifetime. It is currently providing its services to 14 countries.

Pros and cons

  • Safety accessibility features
  • Customization is available
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Limited nationwide coverage
  • Expensive


  • The installation cost of this company ranges between $60000-$115000.
  1. River pools and spas

It entertains families with the best pool styles and fiberglass options. This company is not located in many regions but is appropriate to select when comes to the budget. It is highly a budget-friendly company.

Pros and cons

  • Best fiberglass options
  • Guide and DIY available
  • Higher customer satisfaction ratings
  • Options for custom designs are limited
  • Limited nationwide coverage


  • The installation cost of this company ranges between $12000-$18000.
  1. California pools

Due to outstanding construction standards and terrificcustomer care, California pools is considered a market leader. This company offers waterfalls as well as endless pools. It provides in-home consultations and virtual sessions.

Pros and cons

  • An array of features
  • Additional services
  • Limited nationwide coverage
  • Design options are limited
  • The high-end range is the priciest


  • The installation cost of this company ranges between $50000-$150000.
  1. Premium pools & spas

Established in more than 60 sites, premium pools & spas serve both commercial and residential properties. It has been in the market for 30 years and has installed almost 70k pools. It provides additional features such as endless pools, custom design, fiber optic lighting, waterfalls, etc.