Streaming service is a technology in which video and audio files are transmitted in a continuous pattern. This technology requires a wireless or wired internet connection. (1)


Streaming is all about media content either recorded or live. This content is delivered to mobile devices, computers, or tablets through internet services. Such contents can be played back in other times as well. Music videos, Tv shows, Podcasts, and webcasts are some common streaming media content.

How does it work?

Video, music, and other media types are prearranged and delivered in sequential data packets. These packets prove helpful in instantaneous streaming. In contrast to traditional downloads media files are deleted automatically after playing them. For good streaming, an individual needs a fast and reliable internet connection, subscription or access to a streaming app or service, and compatible equipment.

Live streaming

When the broadcast of an occasion becomes on-air over the internet, it is known as Live streaming. Video games, sports, award shows, and boxing matches are some famous occasions for live streaming. Social media platforms broadcast promotions, celebrity events, and life-streaming.

Advantages of streaming services

  • One of the main advantages of streaming services is access to several radio and TV channels. This gives an enormous variety of different audio and video material one can choose from. Streaming services gives a sense of peace when someone realizes that there is something to watch. A person can spend his time more happily by watching only those channels he wants.
  • TV advertisements are mostly discouraged by people. They want to watch the content of their choice without any interruption. People on free TV have to waste their minutes watching useless advertisements. With streaming services, one can enjoy the complete TV series without any ads.
  • Some sports occasions are played only on pay-TV. This means a person will have to pay extra to watch interesting and most renowned sports events in the world. As a result, without pay-TV, one will miss the favorite sports event. He will be unable to contribute to the discussion regarding those events. With streaming services, these events can be enjoyed without any interruption.
  • Saving money on tickets is another benefit of streaming services. People usually like to go to stadiums or cinemas to watch matches and movies. Streaming services eliminate the cost of tickets and one can enjoy the whole movie or match my sitting comfortably on his couch.
  • Another benefit of streaming services is that it is quite convenient to watch your favorite movie at home. In this case, one does not have to get ready for going to the cinema. Rather he or she can enjoy the whole movie by sitting in his/her nightclothes.


  • One of the disadvantages of streaming services is it costs some money to the user. The user has to pay some amount of money every month whether he has a budget or not.
  • All-time access to uninterrupted favorite shows, compel a user to spend most of the time on TV or computer. Binge-watching is quite harmful to the brain and body.
  • Spending more time on TV or computer means a lack of exercise. This situation leads to obesity that becomes the cause of many other physical conditions.
  • Another disadvantage is fewer family gatherings. A person spends more time on TV or computer screens and avoids family gatherings and meet-ups. He gets indulged in the virtual world and lost contact with the real world.
  • If parents have allowed their children to use streaming services then they must keep an eye on them. Else they will have to face worse grades of their children. Worse grades mean the future of children is at risk.

Different types of streaming services (2)

  1. Netflix

In 1998, this veteran service has inaugurated its DVD-by-mail rentals. It delivers unlimited movies, TV shows, and comedy specials for a monthly subscription tariff. It is continuously adding and removing movies, so one must be up-to-date regarding new entries in Netflix.

Why buy:

  • Excellent collection of media content
  • Interface is optimized
  • Excellent recommendation system

Why avoid:

  • In comparison to other services, it is more expensive
  • Titles go and come repeatedly


  • The initial cost of Netflix is $9/month
  • The best deal of Netflix include a standard plan that costs the US $13.99 per month
  • 1-4 simultaneous streams
  • No live TV
  • Supportive devices and platforms include set-top boxes, Xbox, smart TVs, Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS, Android, web browsers, Fire TV
  1. Hulu

For cord-cutters it is considered the best streaming service. If someone wants to remain updated with TV shows but does not want to spend extra money on an HD antenna or cable Subscription, then he may find Hulu the best choice. With Hulu, a person can access some leading network shows. Additionally, it hosts several original TV showsas well. A subscriber can access the current as well as all seasons of the program.

Why buy:

  • A superb collection of TV programs
  • Not too much costly
  • High-quality original programs

Why avoid:

  • Very frequent advertisements
  • An incomplete collection of older seasons


  • The initial subscription cost of Hulu is $7/month
  • Can stream 2 programs/channels simultaneously
  • Supported devices and platforms include Echo show, Chromecast, Android TV, Apple TV, iPads, iPhones, Samsung TV, PlayStation 4.
  1. Amazon prime video

It is the best selection for those who mostly shop online. Moreover, it offers a large number of movies, TV programs, and shows. The biggest hit of Amazon Prime Video is The Boys. The collaboration betweenAmazon prime video and Viacom is responsible for controlling Nickelodeon, MTV, and comedy central.

Why buy:

  • Huge content selection
  • Several prime benefits

Why avoid:

  • Not available on all platforms
  • Certain contents cost extra


  • The initial price is $119/year
  • Can stream 3 programs simultaneously
  1. YouTube

It provides a diverse variety of channels, great performance, and top-notch features. It covers sports events of both national and regional levels.

Why buy:

  • Outstanding add-ons
  • Intuitive interface

Why avoid:

  • No advance options for parenteral control


  • The initial cost is $64.99/month
  • Can stream 3 programs simultaneously.


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