Apartments, where seniors live peacefully with several amenities and enjoy their life, are called senior apartments. Seniors shift to senior apartments due to several reasons such as illness, aging, loneliness, and many more.

Options for senior housing (1)

Some seniors want to make some change in their life when they decide to move to senior apartments. Many options are available for seniors to choose from in senior apartments. Options range from simple apartments to complete care in nursing homes. You can check for the basics and narrow the list according to your requirements and choose one. Narrowing the list will help you consider the main reason to select the option.

The first point to consider is how much help you need in your daily routine. Secondly, look for affordability and choose senior housing according to your budget. Look for the options available to you for senior housing and focus on the need and affordability according to the senior housing options. Here is a short overview of senior housing types and their cost.

  1. Aging in place

It is a home for seniors where they live their whole life. This is the best option for seniors if they don’t want to leave their homes and if they can get the required help from family members. Staying home is safer for seniors too.

Seniors can ask caregivers for cleaning and cooking. They can also keep a helper for their daily life activities such as toileting, dressing, and eating. Seniors can make their homes safer just by installing the ramp for wheelchairs, grab bars in the bathroom, and keeping medical alarms with them all the time.

Cost: cost of living in a home is low to medium but seniors need help from family members in the home for their daily life activities.

  1. The village concept

This concept is based on connection with the neighbours or their small business that made them live in their own home and grow older. It is good for seniors who want the same help they would in RETIREMENT COMMUNITY but they are not willing to leave their homes.

Seniors prefer in their old home where they have to build a family-like connection with their neighbours and they can ask for help from younger neighbours anytime they need it. Living in a community like this maintains the independence and quality of an adult’s life.

Cost: cost of these communities is low. Annually they had to pay six hundred dollars on average including the services such as transportation and yard maintenance.

  1. Independent living senior housing

This housing is specifically designated for seniors where they can live independently. Housing options include retirement communities and senior apartments. It is good for adults who love to enjoy the rest of their life free from the worries of housekeeping and cooking. Daily chores such as house maintenance, cleaning, laundry, and including many others can be done by someone else.

They are similar to campuses of small colleges and people there live like a community with active social life. Such housing is easy to find and they are compact with beautiful outdoors.

Cost: cost of senior housing is high as compared to others. You have to pay 1,000 dollars to 1,500 dollars per month.

  1. Residential care home

It is a facility for seniors at a small level that assists a small number of seniors. They are known for different names such as:

  • Adult family homes
  • Board and care homes
  • Personal care homes

It is good for seniors who need individuals at home with care. Seniors are assisted with daily routine activities, cooking, and lodging.

Cost: cost of such housing is low to medium and you have to pay half amount of what you pay at nursing homes. Many states provide residential care homes at affordable prices than assisted living.

  1. Continuing care retirement community (CCRC)

These communities are a combination of independent living, assisted living, and nursing homes. It is recommended to seniors who prefer living in facilities similar to home where they don’t have to worry about their future needs. This housing is also suitable for a couple where one spouse needs extra care in the community and wants to live together. Sections are made there and seniors can shift to independent living or Assisted living as per need.

Cost: cost id CCRC is high among all the housing facilities. It is long-term care and you have to pay more for extras you need there. You have to pay the entrance fee along with the monthly fee.

  1. Assisted living community

It is a small apartment that provides help with different activities to seniors above 62. Different types of amenities are offered to seniors to maintain the quality of their lives. It is recommended to seniors who love to live independently with some assistance. Many communities are available that offer a high level of care to seniors.

Services: they offer different services that include management of medications, meals, dressing, toileting, bathing, and meals. They have a dining area where seniors meet and maintain their social life.

Cost: cost of this community is high and varies according to the level of care you need.



  1. Nursing care or skilled nursing facility

This housing is designated to seniors who need assistance with nurses in combination with a meal and other activities. Health management is the main objective of such facilities. It is recommended to seniors with severe illness and no one is there to look after them and they are unable to help themselves.

Licensed nurses and other professional medical staff are available in the residence all the time. Some communities have PHYSICAL and OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST too. Special services are given to patients with Alzheimer’s, DEMENTIA, and MEMORY CARE.

Cost: cost of a nursing home is high and depends according to the medical care you need there.

What is low-income or affordable housing? (2)

Some seniors are unable to pay the high cost of senior apartments after retirement. HUD program introduced low-Income housing for such seniors where they can apply and qualify for a living. All type of care is given to seniors they need.