A hairdo or a hairstyle means styling hair for religious or fashion purposes. A good hairstyle can change the entire look of a person. (1)

Hairstyles for women (2)

Several hairstyles are there that can boost self-esteem and enhance the appearance of a woman on any occasion.

Hairstyles for long hair

  1. Single side braid with long curls

This styling is impressive and easy for those girls who have long hair but do not know how to style them. For this style, all a girl needs is a curler, and if she is already having curly hair then she needs a brush. For this style, the first hair is detangled. A single braid with three hair strands is made near the ear of one side. The rest of the hair is curled and left free. This style looks good when:

  • Faces are Pear and apple-shaped
  • Hair is straight, wavy, and curly
  • Seasons are spring and summer
  • Girls are below 20 years
  1. Curvy Dutch braid

This is another angelic style for girls who have dead straight hair. This style is liked by girls who love braid as well as free hair. In this style, a French braid starts from the back of the crown and flows down in a very elegant way.This style is made by taking three strands of hair and making a fine Dutch braid from them. The brand is made in curvy style and the rest of the hair is left free. This style looks good when:

  • Hair is straight and silky
  • The face is apple and round-shaped
  • Seasons are springs and bright summer
  • Girls with the age from 14 to 19 years
  1. Rose bun with braids

A girl who is going to a formal party will find this hairstyle appropriate. This hairstyle is a Savior when there is no one to help and no time left. Some rubber bands and bobby pins show creativity done in hair. For this style, hair is portioned in 4 or 5 strands and tied with rubber bands. Braid of each strand is made and stands are pulled out to create some volume. After that, each braid is rolled in a circle and secured with bobby pins. This style looks good when:

  • Hair is thin and straight
  • When the face is round or heart-shaped
  • Girl’s age is between 20-25 years
  1. Twisted hairstyle

This hairstyle is the style of a lazy girl. It takes only 5 minutes. It eliminates efforts of making braids. This style includes elegant twists from each side of the head. For this style, one need to take bunches of hair from each side of the head. These bunches are taken back by twisting them more nicely. At the back of the head, both twists are tied with a rubber band. The rubber band can be decorated with a beautiful clip or a bow. The style looks nice when:

  • Hair is straight, wavy, and curly
  • Faces are diamond, round, and heart-shaped
  • Seasons are spring and summer
  • Girls of age between 15-25 years
  1. The voluminous French braid

It is a self-explanatory hairstyle. It proves exceptionally good for girls with long hair. To make this hairstyle three strands are taken from the crown area. Braids from these strands are made by adding more strands from each side. The braid is taken to the end; strands are pulled out to give a volume. This style looks good when:

  • Hair is very long and straight
  • Faces of all shapes
  • Season of spring
  • Girl’s age between 18-25 years
  1. Double French side braid

It is a twisted arrangement of traditional French braid. It is not made in the center. Two French braids are waived on either side of the midline. These braids give a crown-like appearance to the head. To make this style, 3 strands are taken from either side of the centerline. French braid is waived and tied back with a clip or rubber band. This style looks good when:

  • Hair is medium to long and straight
  • Faces are apple, oval, heart, and round-shaped
  • Girl’s age is between 13-20years


Short hairstyle

  1. Layered Bob haircut

Bobs come in several sizes and shapes. Some are shorter in size and some are longer. These haircuts suit almost every girl of every age and face.

  1. Bold pixie cut

The pixie cut is another classic hairstyle that remains in trend throughout the year.

  1. Shaggy haircut

This cut gives the feeling of empowerment, boldness, and liberty. This includes sexy shaggy cuts with loose layers.

  1. Shoulder-length haircut

This cut is appropriate for girls who want to grow their hair but also want to keep the length short.

  1. Grown-out crop haircut

In comparison to pixies, this haircut is a bit longer. These are convenient to handle than long and short hair.

  1. Curtain bangs

If a girl has tired of an old hairstyle and wants a daring hairstyle then this style is the best fit for her. These flirty and soft curtain bangs can be made with the hair of several lengths.

Boys hairstyles

  1. Short hair with finger waves

A finger comb at the top and short sides is the best haircut for wavy curly hair.

  1. IVY league

It is also known as Princeton or Harvard clip hairstyle. This cut gives a distinctive business look to a guy. It suits hair of all lengths and almost all textures. The hair at the crown is styled to the side with a relatively short another side.

  1. Traditionally combed back with faded side

This cut is for a man who is looking for a sophisticated hairstyle. The style enhances with a black tier dress code or cocktail attire.

  1. Side part fade

This timeless hairstyle remains elegant on every occasion. A person needs a monthly visit to keep sides faded.

  1. Tamper sided pompadour

It is a modern version of the traditional pompadour haircut. It features a huge hair volume at the top with shorter sides. Tapered sides give a cleaner look to the cut.


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