It is an electronic device that processes your data, stores and retrieves it. Computers are the basic need of human life in this modern era of technology and are used for different useful purposes.

Types of computers (1)

Classification of computer according to the size of the computer:

  • Supercomputers
  • Mainframe computers
  • Minicomputers
  • Personal computers or microcomputers
  1. Supercomputers

It is the most powerful computer that is used to store and process huge amounts of data. This computer can do computation very quickly. Supercomputers are used in the field of:

  • Science
  • Defense
  • Engineering
  • Aerospace
  • Education

These computers are very useful when a large database is to be managed and if a large amount of computation is required. Different tasks where these computers are widely utilized are:

  • In weather forecasting
  • In cryptanalysis
  • In scientific stimulation
  • In an exploration of gas and oil
  • In climate research
  • In mechanics of quantum.
  1. Mainframe computers

These computers are of high performance and they are widely used for processing large information and data. They are mostly used in:

  • Libraries
  • Research
  • Institutions
  • Health care
  • Financial Institutions
  • Academics
  • Insurance agencies
  • Large businesses
  • Stock brokerage firms

Tasks that are performed using the mainframe computers are:

  • Processing of transaction
  • Census taking
  • Consumer and industry statistics
  • Resource planning of enterprises
  • E-Business and
  • E-commerce
  1. Minicomputers

It is a medium-size computer that is moderate in SPEED, STORAGE, SIZE, POWER, and CAPACITY. Performance lies in between microcomputer and mainframe computer. They are mostly used by organizations of small levels. Minicomputers are not known by this name anymore. They are called MIDSIZE SERVERS or SMALL SERVERS.

  1. Personal computers

A personal computer is a small computer that is specified for single-use. The microprocessor is mostly used by personal computers instead of the CPU (central processing unit). Personal computers include many types of small computers such as:

  • Desktop computer
  • Laptop computer
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone
  • Wearables

Types of personal computers:

Desktop Computers:

It is a form of personal computer that stays at only one position and you can fit this computer on or under the desk. The name of this computer itself explains the position of the computer. Desktop computers are comprised of KEYBOARD, MONITOR, MOUSE, and a CPU. A power plug is required to run the computer as it doesn’t contain a battery.

Laptop computers:

Unlike desktop computers, laptop computers are portable and small in size. They are easy to carry and you can take them with you where you want. A person can use it placing on the lap or table. The laptop computer has a battery that you can charge and use without a power plug. Laptop computers have a FLIP DOWN SCREEN and a KEYBOARD with TOUCHPAD on it. Other accessories such as speakers, USB, or headphones can be attached as per need.


Tablet is a WIRELESS TOUCHSCREEN personal computer and it is smaller in size as compared to laptop computers. Weight is also less than an average laptop computer.


It is a small touchscreen usually known as mobile and it can perform all the functions of any personal computer.

What is an operating system? (2)

It is the most significant program that is loaded on the computer before you use it. It is a means of communication between the user and a system. It helps in translating the instruction given by the user to the computer in a very high degree of language only a computer can understand. Different programs can be easily executed to the operating system that acts as an intermediate between user and computing machine. Functions that are performed by operating systems are:

  • Management of processor
  • Memory management
  • Device management
  • File management
  • Security
  • Error detection
  • Job scheduling

What is a Chromebook?

Chromebook is a newly designed type of computer but they don’t run windows like other Computers. Chromebook uses CHROME OS and it is very similar to the web browser of GOOGLE CHROME. You can do everything using a web browser such as watching videos, browsing websites, checking your mail, and many more. Numerous models are available in Chromebook and the cost ranges from 200 dollars to 300 dollars. One limitation to Chromebook is that it doesn’t allow you to install third-party apps such as adobe photoshop or games. If you use third-party apps only then Chromebook is not the right option for you.

Top-rated computer brands 2021:

Here are some top-rated computer brands for 2021:

Apple Mac mini

Price: 599.99 dollars when you buy from Amazon

  • It is best for everyday use
  • It is a potent tiny desktop in its class.


  • It is new with a low starting price
  • Performance is much approved from the model 2018.
  • Promising bench results with universal apps
  • Cool and quiet under load operation.


  • SSD and RAM is expensive
  • Some thunderbolt ports as compared to the previous man mini
  • Memory is not upgradeable

HP Pavilion 24 All in one

Price: it cost you 899.99 dollars when you buy from Amazon

  • It provides the best mainstream All in one
  • This desktop delivers excellent performance at a low price of 899.99 dollars.
  • It also has a touchscreen, unlike other desktop computers.


  • It has a speedy six-core CPU
  • Doesn’t conserve memory and storage
  • It has in and out ports for HDMI
  • Quad array mic
  • Pop up the design of privacy
  • Webcam of high quality.
  • It has a hearty front soundbar


  • Wireless mouse and keyboard are preferred.
  • It has wifi 5, not 6.
  • Gamers are not satisfied with the integrated graphics

Intel NUC 11 pro kit

Price: you can buy this computer for 479 dollars only

  • It is the best tiny desktop in the market
  • It has multi-display chops
  • It is a very affordable tiny desktop computer.


  • It has a super trim profile
  • Very good CPU within the best price and size
  • It has a clean and classic design of NUC
  • Connectivity is above average as compared to large-sized desktop computers.
  • It can easily support up to four connected displays.


  • This type of desktop computer is not liked by gamers
  • The installation cost of different factors is high