A bed has become the most important element of a bedroom. People work all day and then come to their beds to remove all the stress, anxiety, and fatigue. (1)

Different types of beds

  1. Folding bed

The uniqueness of a folding bed is its hinged frame, which allows the folding of a whole bed into a small space. This type of bed is appropriate for rooms with dual purposes likestudio apartments or guest rooms.

  1. Platform bed

A platform bed does not contain a bulky boxspring and is made of wooden slats that can hold the heaviest of mattresses. It provides proper ventilation to the mattress to avoid the production of molds.

  1. Panel bed

This bed is decorated, flat, and has long planks at foot and head sides. The only difference between a platform and a panel bed is that the latter one does contain side rails to support the mattress or boxspring.

  1. Sleigh

In this type of bed, head and foot sides are made of scrolled wooden boards. Besides wood, the bed can be made from other different materials such as steel, iron, and aluminum.

  1. Trundle

This type of bed is mainly found in a teenager’s or kid’s room. The only reason is that two beds are configured as one bed. It is not as huge as a bunker and does not occupy much space. Simple pull out the bottom bed and you are done.

  1. Day bed

A day bed entertains an individual with several purposes. One can sit, recline, lounge, and sleep on it. Due to multipurpose use, day beds are mostly seen in the guest rooms. This bed comes in a variety of shapes and materials.

  1. Murphy beds

A murphy bed or a pull-down bed is a type of bed that is hinged at one edge so that it can be stored against the wall inside the cabinet. Like folding bed, Murphy bed is also stored in the cabinet when not in use. This enhances the space of the room. These types of beds are appropriate in small apartments where the bed, as well as space, is required. A murphy bed lacks a box spring and has a wire mesh or wooden platform to support the mattress. Sometimes the mattress is tied to the frame with the help of elastic straps. This does not allow the folding of a mattress when it is kept in the article position. Torsion springs and piston-lifts help an individual to easily raise and lower down the bed. Murphy beds come in several variations such as murphy bunk beds, sideways mounted murphy beds, murphy beds with desks, shelves, or couches, etc.

Best brands of murphy beds

  • The Lori Wall Bed

This brand makes murphy beds with real wood in both horizontal and vertical dimensions. The company recommends putting lightweight latex foam and spring mattresses on beds. The weights vertical and horizontal dimensions are 60 pounds and 63 pounds respectively. The cost of the murphy bed of this company is less than $13000.

  • Maxima House Invento

The best-selected brand, when a customer looks for a bed along with a sofa. This brand provides a mattress as well as sofa with a beautifully designed murphy bed. The bed’s weight is 535 pounds. The cost lies over $25000.

  • Bristol

The murphy bed of this brand is made from manufactured and solid wood and comes with storage drawers. The weight of the bed is 245 pounds. Its cost lies above $25000.

  1. Adjustable beds

Medical researchers have said that 40-50% of 60 plus people suffer from insomnia. Sleep apnea, nerve problems, and arthritis are some reasons that cause inadequate sleep in people. Such people switch from normal beds to adjustable beds. The idea of adjusting a bed according to the requirement gives a sense of comfort and peace. In some cases, adjustable beds become part of medical treatment. On these beds, individuals can elevate heads or feet side according to their needs.

Best brands of adjustable beds

  • Reverie
    • Provides 11 models of adjustable beds
    • Available sizes are twin, full, queen, king
    • Gives Warranty of 5-20 years
    • Price ranges between $899-$3200
  • Legette & Platt
    • Provides 12 models of adjustable beds
    • Available sizes are twin, full, queen, king
    • Gives a warranty of 25 years
    • Price ranges between $300-$3500.
  • Nectar
    • Offer only a single model of adjustable bed
    • Available sizes are twin XL, full, queen, king
    • Gives a warranty of 3 years
    • Price ranges between $649-$1298.
  • Tempur-pedic
    • Offers 3 models of adjustable beds
    • Available sizes are twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California king
    • Gives a warranty of 25 years
    • Price ranges between $749-$3998

Different types of foams (2)

  1. Dry fast foam
  • It is appropriate for outdoor purposes.
  • Non-water absorbent
  • Buoyant and resilient
  • Open-cell structures
  1. Closed-cell foam
  • Non-water absorbent
  • Nonbiodegradable
  • Possesses considerable tensile strength
  • A favorable thermal insulator
  • Used in mats for exercises, the lining of the mechanic box, and aerobic equipment
  1. Memory foam
  • Also called viscoelastic foam
  • It was formed for seating in the space shuttle
  • Now used in therapeutic applications and mattresses


  1. Rebond foam
  • It is used for motorcycle seats, weight equipment, carpet padding, etc.
  • It is very resilient
  • Mostly liked by people for its excellent quality
  1. Charcoal foam
  • A type of foam used in cases like gun, camera, and computer cases
  • Also used for soundproofing, acoustical dampening, shipping, and packing

Different types of sleepers

  • Side sleepers

These people mainly sleep on their side. The left side is more beneficial to sleep on because it reduces stress, heartburns, and control snoring.

  • Stomach sleepers

These people sleep on their stomachs. This position is good in case of sleep apnea and snoring.

  • Back sleepers

These people lay on their backs while sleeping. According to medical science, this position keeps the body organs aligned.


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