Team collaboration software is a solution that aids efficient communication among team members. It ensures that every employee of the company is engaged in duty. (1)

Best providers team collaboration software (2)

  1. Microsoft 365

Microsoft office is not the pioneer of the market but sits in the hearts of cloud-based office suites. This is the tool, which is mostly used by the office suit, and no rivals such as Google Workspace and OpenOffice has competed for the comfort and ease level of Microsoft office. Microsoft 365 is one of the programs of Microsoft Office. In terms of team collaboration, Microsoft 365 provides several benefits to team members. This could include anything from PowerPoint presentations to client documents in word. The most appealing element of this tool is its cloud-based platform, which allows an individual to access it from Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. If a company is beginning from a scratch, then it can find Microsoft 365the best solution for communication and productivity.


  • Microsoft word

It is a very popular platform of Microsoft 365. In 2021, it is still considered one of the best writing apps regardless of genre. It provides an extensive set of templates, a vast range of features, reliability, and performance.

  • Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is a note-taking app of Microsoft. It is designed for both professional and student use. It is popular amongst academics and students.

  • Microsoft excel

It is powerful and easy to use the app. With a few days of training, one can get complete proficiency over excel. In a single spreadsheet, he can work with 17 billion cells.


This company is very quick in responding to customers and is very diligent to resolve troubleshooting issues. It has a Microsoft support website allowing customers to address their issues.

Pricing plan

It offers four plans to businesses, which are:

  • The basic plan that costs $5/user/month
  • The standard plan that costs $12.5/user/month
  • The premium plan that costs $20/user/month
  • Apps that costs $8.25/user/month


  1. Slack

Slack has engaged millions of users with its services. It is exceptionally a smart platform and one can have it on mobile as well as desktop. It permits direct messages and documents to a single employee as well as a team of employees. Video calling is another benefit provided by slack that helps employees in detailed working over a project. It has captured massive attention from people due to its extremely efficient collaboration method.

Performance and interface

Slack is fun to use. A person needs to make very little effort to understand it. The top left side of is screen carries default channels for group collaboration. Below that direct message option is seen for a one-on-one chat. The contrasting colors of the interface make it easy to use. An individual can customize the interface according to requirements.


The most impressive benefit of slack is that a person can easily sign up and become an admin. Being an admin he can create his domain. Within 10 minutes he can add other fellows and start collaboration. Installing and setup process of slack is also very easy. Beyond that, slack offers some more features such as:

  • Quick search function
  • Workflow functions
  • Built-in storage
  • Video and voicing calling with a single click

Pricing plans

It is not wrong to say Slack is a free team collaboration tool. One can sign up for free and start working. But he might come across some barriers such as a limited number of messages one can store and limited storage amount. In paid plans, an individual can enjoy all perks provided by Slack. The pricing plans of slack are:

  • The standard plan that costs $6.67/user/month
  • Zoho Cliq that costs $1/user/month
  • The pro plan that costs $12.5/user/month
  1. Asana

Since 2008, Asana has been a veteran solution in the collaboration arena. Companies including TED, Pinterest, Uber, and Intel use it as a central communication method. It allows managers to supervise the working of employees to have productive results. By using this solution one can create a to-do list for ongoing tasks and set reminders according to deadlines of tasks. One can organize all proposals in board format or list. With the help of its search function, an employee can easily locate old documents. It is an extremely flexible collaboration and task management tool.


Asana offers a lot specifically in the domain of task management.  It focuses on productivity and collaboration. The flexibility of Asana is something that sets it separate from other collaboration software. Managers can keep track of long-term as well as ongoing projects. This also helps in distributing tasks among team members and coordinating teams.

Asana does not offer plenty of built-in features such as document editing, time tracking, and live chat. However, it gains all the functionalities via app integrations. For time tracking it works with Harvest, for team chats it integrates with Microsoft Teams and Slack, and for advanced integrations it works with Zapier. It also works with many software sites including Adobe Creative Cloud, Salesforce, and many more.

Pricing plans

Asana provides free plans to 15 users with some limitations. Restricted access to custom dashboards or timeline view is one of the limitations. In paid plan it offers:

  • A premium plan that ranges from $10.99-$24.99/user/month
  1. Trello

A web-based project management solution, Trello, was developed by Fog Creek software.

It is an excellent and easy-to-use project management tool. A company searching for online collaboration tool and project management software can find this solution best fit for it. Employees can easily organize the project and collaborate by using it with a mobile app or on the web. It permits a user to work with lists or dashboards that can be established by team members. Moreover, tell integrates with several apps such as Slack, Google Drive, GitHub, and Evernote. The app can be downloaded for free but advanced features are accessible in premium plans.

Pricing plans

It offers two plans:

  • The free tier with some barriers
  • The business class plan costs $9.99/month