Running shoes are specifically designed for sports or physical exercises. Though they are mostly used by runners, now people love to wear them for casual use.

How to choose running shoes? (1)

When you decide to buy running shoes for any purpose such as training or physical exercise, Selection of the right shoes for your feet is a very difficult and exhausting process. Shoes provide establishment to the whole body. If you select the right shoes you will enjoy your race to miles otherwise you won’t. The right pair of shoes will bring class and admire your running style. Here are some points you should consider before the right pair of shoes:

  1. Consider where you are deciding to run

The first and the main part of running is to plan where you want to run. Are you planning to run along the roadside? Or you decide to run on the trails or gaits. You might select shoes such as ROAD- RUNNING, TRAIL- RUNNING, and CROSS- TRAINING SHOES.

  1. Decide if you want more or less cushioning shoes

Cushioning of shoes depends upon you like what you want. If you want to feel as you are running on clouds more cushioning is recommended. If you want to feel the ground, then less cushioning is suggested. Cushioning is soft that is placed under the midsole of your shoes. Heel drop is also considered and is the major factor to ponder before buying running shoes.

  1. Understand whether you want a particular type of support for your gait

Runners usually prefer neutral shoes but if your foot turns inward or outwards while running. Options are available that can help you out.

  1. Make sure the shoe fits easily.

Fitting is very necessary to consider. Misfit shoes might discomfort you while running and you may lose confidence in yourself.

How long do running shoes last?

Running shoes can last up to three hundred miles to four hundred miles. In other words, it can last for three to four months for regular runners. Check your shoes on and off if their midsoles are compressed or not. If they are compressed it is time to repair them or buy a new pair of running shoes.

Types of running shoes:

Five main types of running shoes are available one should get familiar with. The classification of running shoes is done based on their STRUCTURE, FORM, and FUNCTION. The objective of different types is different. Shoes provide stability, support, speed, and performance to every runner.

Here is some detail about every type of shoe.

  1. Lightweight shoes

Lightweight shoes are for those who love to work a lot and race. These shoes are also called RACING FLATS and CROSS COUNTRY SPIKES. They are ideal for speeding up the workout. Speeding workout includes:

  • Sprints
  • Intervals
  • Fartleks
  • Competition

This type of shoe contains less foam and features cushioning as they are specific in providing neutral and dynamic motion for your feet.

Some downsides of these shoes are also there such as they don’t offer much cushioning to the runners. They also don’t possess shock absorption as other neutral or stability shoes provide. They are not usually recommended for general training due to these downsides.

  1. Trail shoes:

Trail shoes are designed to overcome the MUD, DIRT, ROCK, and other obstacles of the road. Trial shoes provide the best support and protection to their users. Trial shoes are used by six million people across the United States. They are perfect for running on the trail. Trial shoes are thought to be a mixture of hiking and running shoes. They protect your ankle when you run on heavy and rocky terrains

They also provide protection when you run on slippery surfaces with soft control..their soles are made of thick rubber that provides friction on slippery areas.

  1. Stability shoes:

Runners with neutral arch or feet usually prefer stability shoes. They provide excellent cushioning and support to athletes. Pronation is not something bad it is part of human activity. Stability shoes are perfect for runners with excessive pronation. They protect from pronation by providing support to the ankle and arch during the gait cycle.

  1. Motion-control shoes:

Pronation is completely normal but some pronate in excess. To prevent pronation they need the right pair of shoes that are motion control shoes.  Runners who have low arches and serious pronation are recommended this type of shoes. These shoes are more rigid as compared to other local sneakers. They protect against excessive motion during the gait cycle. They are also best for heavy people due to their stability and durability.

  1. Cushioned shoes:

To make you feel comfortable these shoes are built with extra cushioning. They provide cushioning without corrective elements.

They are usually built-in with the quality of shock dispersion in the HEEL or FOREFOOT REGION. They are mostly recommended to runners with no pronation and these shoes provide support during their gait cycle. Cushioned shoes are also known as NEUTRAL PADDED SHOES. They also counteract with supination. They are also ideal for runners with HIGH ARCHES.

Top brands of running shoes 2021 (2)

Here are some top-rated running shoes for men

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37

Price: the price of these shoes is between 100$ to 150$


  • Lightweight with extra cushioning
  • Comes in regular and extra width shoes
  • Available according to foot shape and sizes.
  • They are durable and offer good energy returns.


Price: the price of these shoes is above 150$.

  • They are known best for cushioning
  • The weight of these shoes is 10.9 ounce
  • Allows ventilation in hot and humid days of summer
  • Seal of acceptance

Brook’s Ghost 12

Price: the price of these shoes is from 100$ to 150$

  • They are light in weight with extra cushioning
  • Perfect for long-distance run race
  • They are ideal for runners with high arches and issues with supination.
  • Many sizes are available that can easily fit