A device that is used by individuals with hearing problems, this device helps in improving the hearing sound. In some countries, these devices are classified as medical devices.

What are the benefits of hearing aids? (1)

When we talk about hearing aids, it seems to be perfect for individuals with hearing loss but they are not that perfect. They only made the sound louder and clearer. Loss of hearing can be compensated with such devices very well. Hearing aids benefit you:

  • It helps you to hear the sound of daily routines such as doorbells and the ringing of the phone.
  • Hearing speech can be improved with hearing aids
  • You feel confident when you talk to people and you can easily follow conversations in various environments.
  • You can easily listen to music and watch tv with normal audio/sounds you are comfortable with.

Hearing aids only help you when you are left with some hearing because they don’t help you when your hearing gets worse.

How to get hearing aids?

You should visit your health care provider if you have some hearing problems. After the assessment, they will refer you to a specialist if they think you need such devices.

When you are recommended to buy hearing aids you should ask them about the different types of hearing aids and which might work best for you. Some providers allow you to try some types of hearing aids before you pay for the selected one.

Some types of hearing aids are easy to use and you can try them at the same time but some need customization before you try them. Measurements and cast of your ear are taken before any type of customization. After the process, it might take some weeks to get ready.

The programming level is checked whether hearing aids suits you or not. All the processes of using and taking care of hearing aids are taught to you when you purchase them.

After some time of using, an appointment is scheduled with your doctor where he will check if all the things are going well or not.

Types of hearing aids:

Various types of hearing aids are available:

Behind the ear hearing aids:

  • It is one of the most common types of hearing aid and is widely used.
  • In this type, you have to set a small plastic device behind the ear.
  • The plastic device contains a small tube that is fixed in the ear
  • They are easy to use
  • It is suitable for all types of hearing loss
  • Available in different colours. You can choose your favourite

Receiver in the ear hearing aids:

  • These hearing aids are similar to behind-the-ear hearing aids.
  • This type differs from the above one due to the small size of the device that fits behind the ear and the tube is very thin in case of this type.
  • These hearing aids are less visible as compared to Behind the ear hearing aids.
  • They are suitable for many people with hearing loss
  • More fiddle to use as compared behind-the-ear hearing aids.

In the ear hearing aids

  • In this type of hearing aids, the outside opening of the ear is covered with the device
  • Unlike the above two types, they cannot be seen from behind the area of your ear
  • You can see hearing aids from the side
  • It is suitable for many people with hearing problems
  • Use of this type is difficult as compared to BTE and RITE hearing aids

In the canal hearing aids:

  • These hearing aids are similar to in the ear hearing aids
  • These hearing aids are smaller than ITE and just cover the opening of the ear.
  • They are less visual as compared to other types of hearing aids.
  • They are trickier to use and care
  • Not powerful for people with a severe type of hearing loss

Completely in the canal or invisible in the canal hearing aids:

  • Both are the smallest types of hearing aids available m.
  • They are kept in the canal completely and barely visible as compared to other types of hearing aids
  • Not that powerful for people with severe hearing loss
  • They are a fiddle to use and only kept and take outside the canal by a specialist.
  • After the car is very important
  • Wax buildup is usually greater than other types.

CROS/BiCROS hearing aids

  • It is suitable for people who suffer from hearing loss with one ear.
  • They are available in pair form
  • These hearing aids pick the sound from one ear with hearing loss and transfer it to the good ear
  • They are quite fiddly
  • They can be only put in the ear with the help of a specialist
  • Sound transfer can be done wirelessly or with the help of a wire.
  • The wire is set around the back of your neck.

Body-worn hearing aids:

  • They are made up of a very small box that is usually connected to the earphone via Bluetooth.
  • Box can be set inside the pocket of your shirt or clothes
  • It is the best type of hearing aid if you are suffering from severe hearing loss and some excellent and powerful hearing aids are needed.
  • They are also recommended if you have difficulty in using small hearing aids.

Top providers of hearing aids 2021: (2)

Here is the list of best hearing aids 2021

  1. Phonak audeo paradise
  • It is the best hearing aids overall
  • One pair of hearing aids cost you $2,868.
  • It comes in the style of the receiver in a canal
  • Universal Bluetooth is available in the hearing aids.
  • Motion sensor feature is available
  • Option for tap control is built in the hearing aids.
  1. Kirkland signature 10
  • This hearing is best due to its low cost
  • The average cost for one hearing aid is $700.
  • It can be easily charged.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is available
  1. Widex moment:
  • It is the best hearing aid for TINNITUS.
  • The average cost for one pair of hearing aid is $2,698
  • Two styles available are receiver in the canal and behind the ear
  • It can easily amplify the natural sound in the environment.


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