A vehicle that provides traveling to long routes with accommodation is called recreational vehicle. They are mostly used for roadside camping to explore the beautiful views of the country.

Types of recreational vehicles: (1)

You see many recreational vehicles in television ads where friends are traveling and enjoying their moments. If you are interested in buying an RV but you are not sure about the best type, here is a brief overview of RV types that can guide you.

It is a structure that is designed like a vehicle from the outside and home from the inside to provide you with accommodation with travel. Accommodation in recreational vehicles includes:

  • Sleeping
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Fresh and wastewater system
  • 110-volt electricity
  • Air conditioner
  • Propane
  • Heating
  • Entertainment

RVs are the complete package for enjoying your trip. Recreational vehicles are divided into three basic types:

Motorized recreational vehicles:

Motor vehicles are vehicles that provide complete units of transportation and accommodation. They have beautiful living quarters for a couple. They are also known as motorhomes. Motorized recreational vehicles are further divided into types based on classes.

Class A Motorhome.

It is one of the most iconic types of motorhome that is built on a specifically designed vehicle and it is the largest motorhome among all types. All type of accommodation is available in this RV. This is preferred by couples and friends who love to explore the countryside with comfort and ease.

Class B motorhome:

This motorhome is also called a camper van. This RV Is built on the van as the name suggests. A conventional van is used to build this RV to which a lifted roof is added to create space for a bedroom or other.

Class C motorhome

It is also referred to as a mini motorhome. This motorhome is built on an AUTOMOTIVE CHASSIS to which a van cabin is attached. This RV is small but provides all luxuries similar to a class A motorhome. This is suitable for a couple who are ready to enjoy their honeymoon by exploring the countryside.

Towable recreational vehicles:

This type of recreational vehicle is designed to be hauled with the help of a motorized vehicle such as a car, van, or pickup truck. The weight and size of these RVs are not that much to require a permit from the highway department to travel. These RVs also don’t require On-Site HOOK-UPS. Towable recreational vehicles are further divided into sub-types that are as follows:

Travel trailer:

They are also known as CONVENTIONAL TRAVEL TRAILER. They are designed that can be easily towed by a car, a pickup truck, or a van with the help of EQUALISING FRAME HITCH.

Fifth-wheel trailer:

In this type of towable RV, a special fifth-wheel is fixed in the bed of the trailer. This wheel is attached to where the bedroom is to be designed. This raised wheel inside the trailer can be utilized as a bed. They are usually towed by pickup trucks.

Folding camping trailer:

It is a very lightweight trailer with SIDES that can be collapsed to tow and storage. A folding camping trailer is also known with different names such as:

  • Fold-down trailer
  • Popup trailer
  • Tent trailer

Truck camper:

It is a small recreational vehicle that can be loaded onto the pickup truck. It can also be fixed in the bed of a pickup truck.

Toy hauler:

A toy hauler is also known as a SPECIALITY TRAILER. A toy hauler is built on the fifth-wheel trailer or travel trailer in which the forward section is created for living quarters.

Hybrid or expandable travel trailer:

In the market, it is usually called a Hybrid travel trailer. It is a conventional travel trailer that has FOLDING BUNK ENDs.

Top-rated recreational vehicle (RVs) of 2021 (2)

Here are some top-rated recreational vehicles of 2021:

  1. Bowlus
  • It is the best travel trailer recreational vehicle overall
  • All facilities are provided which are necessary for daily living
  • It has a master bedroom and you can make your coffee using two-stage filtration water
  • It has remote temperature monitoring
  • Bowls can slide out seamlessly from the drawer
  • It also has a coordinated bed for your pet
  • GPS tracking is available that can help you to find your RV.
  • The price for Bowlus RV starts from 265,000 dollars
  1. Living vehicle
  • It is the best luxury camper in the market
  • It gives you a feel of a luxury hotel with move
  • Upgraded vehicle of the living vehicle provides outdoor and indoor living.
  • If you are a serious camper, the industry provides customization according to your needs
  • It is spacious and comfortable that has air conditioning and a solar system facility.
  • Huge TV screens are installed that allow you to enjoy your move watching movies and videos
  • The price for the travel trailer starts from 319,995 dollars
  1. Winnebago travel trailer
  • It is the best value travel trailer
  • Winnebago is the best option if you are planning a budget-friendly trip
  • It provides you with a compact trip including all necessities.
  • The company focus on quality rather than quantity and provide the best RVs
  • They provide facilities of a sink, doorstep, refrigerator an, and a microwave
  • It has windows for cross ventilation and light
  • You will never feel too hot or too cold sleeping in the Winnebago travel trailer
  • It has a patio speaker and a LED LIGHT that provide a cozy environment
  • The price of this RV starts from 23,808 dollars
  1. Airstream
  • It is the most versatile travel trailer
  • It fulfils your dream of living around the mountains without brick walls.
  • You can travel to beaches, cityscapes or, or where your heart desires to
  • It provides all facilities that you will forget your home
  • You can travel with ease and comfort and up to six people can easily live as it has varying floor plans
  • It has USB ports with 1000 watt power inverter
  • It has an office area too with a swivel chair
  • It provides you with a perfect view when you are doing zoom meetings
  • The price of this travel trailer starts from 83,300 dollars


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